Great restaurant off the beaten path. The staff was great and she spoke both French and English as well as Italian. We had choices both from the menu d’jour as well as off they print menu. Everything was great except that my choice for wine with dinner was not so good.

Osteria il Cadraio

Local speciality of steamed mussels and shrimp over a base of salt cod, sliced celery and beets with a parsley pesto.

Osteria il Cadraio

Salmon involitini which is smoked salmon wrapped around buffalo mozzerallla on a bed of baby arrugla.

Osteria il Cadraio

Osso Bucco – The Best I Have Ever Had

Osteria il Cadraio

Trofe with Pesto, Haricot Vert and Pomme de Terre.

Osteria il Cadraio

Chocolate Fondant on a base of Marscapone

Osteria il Cadraio

Genovian Cheesecake with a Citron Sauce.

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