We have been eating out at so many good restaurants the past two weeks, we finally decided to take a break from the restaurants and have a nice quiet dinner at home. We went to a local farmer’s market to buy what few fresh seasonal products they had (not many considering the time of the year) and then went to one of the local grocery stores.

We came up with a light dinner of fresh pasta with fresh buffalo mozzarella (tastes nothing like what you buy in North America), basil and tomatoes. Jo Ann grilled the tomatoes under the broiler and we threw the following together.

We paired it with some of our home made bread and a nice bottle of prosecco (what else considering our recent travels). As a starter we did have a small taste of a wonderful mixed goat and cow cheese with truffles and some olives. Outstanding.


Home made bread fresh from the oven.

Dinner Last Night

Fresh mozzarella with basel and tomoatoes. Very yummy.

Val D'Oca Prosecco

This prosecco is a 2015 vintage prosecco which is stored in these beautiful blue bottles. Very tasty and sells at a reasonable price.



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