We had lunch on a Saturday afternoon at Il Molo and it is one of my favorite restaurants not just in Vicenza but in Italy. The service was outstanding (everyone spoke some English although no French) and the food was outstanding.

You start out learning that there is no fixed menu, everything changes day to day depending on what is fresh and looks good. Also this restaurant only service fish so do not go here looking for a three course meat meal.

I started with this absolutely wonderful grilled Savoy cabbage starter stuffed with Burrata, truffle powder, a poached egg, shrimp and shallots. It just blew me away. Jo Ann had as her starter the local grilled sardines which were also excellent.

We were told that the pasta dishes were on the large size so we split a dish of mussels and shrimp on fresh pasta. Absolutely outstanding and every time I smelled this dish come out of the kitchen (the garlic was so aromatic) I wanted more.

We finished up with this wonderful flour-less chocolate cake which was light and delicate but so tasteful.

As we were leaving we talked with the manager and found out that the restaurant has been around in different locations since 2002, I can clearly understand why. We will come back whenever we are in Vicenza.

Il Molo

The modern set table awaited us at Il Molo.

Il Molo

My starter which was warmed savoy cabbage layered in a raminkin. It was further layered with burrata, truffle powder, a poached egg, shrimp and shallots. Outstanding.

Il Molo

Grilled sardines. A traditional local dish.

Il Molo

This is a view of my starter with the savoy cabbage pulled back so you can see the burrata, truffle and egg.

Il Molo

Mussels with shrimp with some great fresh pasta.

Il Molo

Where have all the mussels gone?

Il Molo

A very light and fluffy flour-less chocolate cake.

Il Molo

Garda Merlot 2015 from Lombardia Italy

Il Molo

Petti Rosso Nero d’Avola 2014

If you are interested in more information on Il Molo, check out TripAdvisor.com.

This restaurant is only open for lunches on the weekends and for dinners every night except Mondays.


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