We have been buying aceto balsamico from Guiseppe Giusti for many years but this is the first time we actually got to stop in to see how the balsamico is actually produced and to learn more about the history of this firm.

The tour was first rate and we got to taste many different versions of the aceto balsamico from the top of the line 25 year aged produce to the younger versions that are not sold as the traditional aceto balsamico.

Definitely worth a stop to explore.

Giuseppe Giusti aceto balsamico

When one cask starts leaking they do not remove it, instead they build a new cask around the old one. They do not want to lose all flavor that has built up over the many years of production.

Giuseppe Giusti aceto balsamico

Various casks for the production of aceto balsamico. They are never retired, they just keep getting enhanced with more flavor.

Giuseppe Giusti aceto balsamico

Tools of the Master

Giuseppe Giusti aceto balsamico

Various metals awarded for the aceto balsamico from Guiseppe Giusti.

Giuseppe Giusti aceto balsamico

One of the original casks which dates back to the 1700s.

Giuseppe Giusti aceto balsamico

A mixture of the products offered by Giuseppe Giusti.


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