After a day of driving we were looking forward to a creative and unique dinner and that is what we received at Ristorante Consorzio. The food was very good and the service nice.

Ristorante Consorzio

The amuse bouche which came with some excellent bread.

Ristorante Consorzio

Soma d’aj, a very attractive antipasti.

Ristorante Consorzio

La Cruda, a local rendition of steak tartar. It was excellent.

Ristorante Consorzio

Risotto Bergese, an outstanding risotto.

Ristorante Consorzio

Faraona tonchese croccante, a excellent cooked chicken recipe.

Ristorante Consorzio

Caramelized bricoche bread, zabaione and raisins ice cream. Very yummy.

Ristorante Consorzio

Menù Desgustazione

Ristorante Consorzio

Ala cart menu

Ristorante Consorzio

The dessert menu for the day.

Ristorante Consorzio

La msòíra e’l rastel “Green Palma” 2014 a very nice Barbera d’Alba.


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