We are in the midst of a fairly major renovation of our kitchen which is why I have been very silent lately. One of the cornerstones will be a Le Panyol wood fired oven that not only does excellent breads and pizzas, but can be used to cook meats, fish, vegetables and most other products. One of the restaurants that Le Panyol provided to us as a reference was Ferme Auberge du Claud located in Trelissac near Perigueux. So to double up on lunch as well as checking out the oven, we booked a reservation at the restaurant.

Please note that you must make a reservation at least 24 hours ahead of your desired meal where you will be asked to make your choice for your main course offering. We also had contacted the owners of the restaurant before hand to ensure we could get some input from them on how they like the Le Panyol, installation tips and other suggestions. The owners were most welcoming and had wonderful things to say about the Le Panyol.

The meal consisted of four courses, a starter, the main course, a salad and cheese plate followed by dessert. Everything we had today was straight from the farm except for the white asparagus which can not be grown on this property due to the climate of the Trelissac area.

We started with a apéritif of a sweet white wine with strawberry liquor which was very tasty.

The entire four course meal was excellent, starting with a starter of a poached egg, white asparagus, home made salami and fresh fava beans.

For the main course we had two choices pork stuffed with a basil and walnut pesto and I had the lamb tagine, both of which were excellent, very flavorful, juicy and tender.

Our third course was a salad with some cheese offerings and for dessert we had an excellent tarte of fresh strawberries and raspberries.

The wine list was limited but featured a number of local Bergerac wines which paired well with the meal.

I rate this a 5 start out of 5.

We also talked to the owner who said we can email them to order some of their fresh produce when ever we want as they do sell some at the Perigueux and Trelissac markets and at the coop near Sarlat.

If you would like more information about Ferme Auberge du Claud you can check out their website or their TripAdvisor page.

Ferme Auberge du Claud

The starter consisting of a small salad with a soft egg, some home made sausage, white asparagas and fresh fava beans. The only product not produced on the farm was the white asparagas. Straight from the farm is the best way to enjoy fruits and vegetables.

Ferme Auberge du Claud

Lamb Tagine, cooked in the Le Paynol wood fired oven. The meat just fell off the bone but was juicy and oh so flavorful. Wonderful.

Ferme Auberge du Claud

Pork stuffed with basil and walnut pesto was also cooked in the Le Paynol wood fired oven. The pork was tender, moist and so flavorful.

Ferme Auberge du Claud

Some of the most tasty and delightful potatoes I have ever eaten. They were crispy but still moist.

Ferme Auberge du Claud

A wonderful mixture of summer squashes with some excellent seasonings that added just the right touch.


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